The Description of Services

RomVega Trading has the main activity the transport of goods, with own trucks and other fleet.

The destination countries include: Hungary, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Turkey.

The strengths of our company include:

 - professional and prompt response to customers.

 - strict observance of hours loading / unloading.


 - efficient monitoring of transport.

 - the safty of the transport. 

- trucks equipped with GPS tracking systems.

 - reliability, timeliness, safety.

  As an internal, international and intracomunity operator Romvega Trading offers:

 - dedicated/full transport.

 - transport in the system loads.

 - transportation under contract or order.

 - domestic transport delivery.

- warehousing services, cargo handling and security.

- ADR transport.

The Quality Management ISO 9001:2001

Due to continuous development activity, the management company identified the need to improve management through implementation and continued maintenance of a quality management system according to SR EN ISO 9001:2001.
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