The page dedicated of the fleet

Due to its fleet of trucks we have, we are able to respond to customer requests quickly and efficiently.

With new and advanced equipment, from fleet management to computer systems, verification and monitoring of transport service quality is high.

As a company owning the fleet, polluting factor, RomVega Trading pay particular attention to environmental protection, developing a consistent policy in this regard. Training programs developed by the company to educate drivers style economic management, use of alternative fuels, analyzes recorded monthly fuel consumption and pollution involved.


A fleet of Scania trucks with a capacity of 24 tons, with volumes ranging between 100 mc 90mc, and autofrigorifice with loading capacity of 3 tons is available for our customers.

Depending on the beneficiary's requirements and can provide two truck drivers.

Routes are the most common areas Hungary - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Austria - Germany - France - Italy - Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Spain - Turkey.

 A special advantage we offer our clients, which definitely has a role in choosing CMR insurance company is transporting up to 100,000 EUR, absolutely all cargo being insured.

 Also, the performance of GPS systems installed on most machines allow us to find our real-time status of your goods.


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